Fred Cooke

The self-proclaimed King of Kells, Co Meath, Fred is a regular on Irish television and radio. He currently presents the hugely successful Tommy Tiernan Show on RTE, but over the years you may have spotted this Ed Sheeran-lookalike in shows such as ‘The Republic of Telly’, ‘The Fear’ and a stunning 4 minute appearance (2 of which he played dead) in BBC’s comedy-drama ‘Vexed’, presently streaming on Netflix.


Aside from his stellar performance in the iconic Spar ads back in the noughties, Fred is best known for being one of the most well-known and highly regarded comedians on the Irish comedy circuit today. His unique brand of musical comedy meets observational humour, delivered with unbridled hi-octane energy, makes Fred one of the most uniquely brilliant comics working in Ireland today.


Fred’s reputation for guaranteed hilarity has ensured he is a resident act at Ireland’s biggest festivals and seen him perform at the comedy mecca that is The Comedy Store, London, and headline regularly at the renowned Stand clubs in Newcastle, Edinburgh, and Glasgow.


Over the years Fred has acted as support for comedy heavy-hitters like Tommy Tiernan, Ardal O’ Hanlon, and Kevin Bridges, but there can be no doubt that Fred Cooke has become his own act, bringing an on-stage presence which is utterly “priceless” (Chortle).

“I love Fred, he has the real spirit of the Clown in him”
Tommy Tiernan
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“Fred Cooke is ready to step into the premier league of Irish funnymen"
Hot Press
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“Comedy genius; he has so much energy that he could power a small village in the west of Kerry”
The Laughter Lounge
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“A likeable, crazed and hilarious man, Cooke’s Fred Space is a treasure of a performance"
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